Common Points

“We don’t want to be locked into a set schedule”
Why? These are 100% the largest parties guaranteed or your money back all of the very best clubs on South Padre are on this schedule. Don’t believe us? Ask around then.

“We aren’t going out every night”
And….so what? The idea here is convenience & knowing you will be at the right spot on the right night EVERY NIGHT, plus being able to have an Ultra complete package. The Travel Channel films our parties.
“We heard Party Packages are a rip off”
They definitely are in some destinations, and they completely are if not purchased with Inertia for South Padre Island as we have the most students here & therefore the largest parties every night. Don’t Compare a Kia to a Mercedes Benz!
“We are going to do our ‘own’ thing”
Why are you here at all? Meaning….you are anti-social & coming on spring break? That’s creepy. If you were just going to hang with your little group you could have stayed on campus & not came on a real trip. This objection is most often voiced by dorky guys afraid the girl they were hoping to hook up with from their campus will actually find a cooler dude down here. They will.
“We are going to just party in our condo every night”
Boring. No dancing under the stars or seeing world-class DJ’s is ridiculous. Not only that, who’s payingfor the damages in your condo from the mayhem? You are. Party at the clubs and avoid expensive damages from randoms showing up to drink your booze.